Zinnov has been hosting ‘Confluence’ (annual thought leadership series) across India, USA, Germany, and Japan; specifically focused on Large Global R&D, Product Development / Technology / IT, Digital Native companies for over 9 years now. Confluence has become a compelling thought leadership and networking platform for CXO level, senior engineering, technology and business leaders from across the globe. The summit brings together senior leaders onto this platform, to share and exchange best practices and thought leadership around the areas such as Globalization, Innovation, Leadership Trends and Market Expansion in emerging geographies. Entire eco-system of enterprises, start-ups, academia and service providers represent in this conference to provide a holistic view on how Engineering and R&D is shaping up and will transform in next few years.

3000+ delegates
110+ speakers
35+ sessions
500+ companies

key Highlights



  • Eating Everything in its Path - Ubiquity of AI
  • Data that Enables the Global Economy
  • Humanizing the Autonomous Car
  • India 2 - The Unrivalled Potential of 'Bharath'
  • Hype to Reality: Shifting Gears into the IoT World
  • Personas of Global Influencers
  • Leadership to Harness the Power of Innovation
  • 5 Point Plan for a Digital Desh
  • Creating a Value Oriented Organisation
  • Start-up Collaborations with Ecosystem
  • Strategizing for the Cashless Economy
  • Talent Acquisition V/s Skill Acquisition
  • Transforming Organisations: An Investor PoV
  • Next Generation of Cyber Security