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Tech Santhe is a one of a kind initiative from Zinnov as part of its annual flagship event - Confluence. Being one of the largest gathering of innovators across the country, it is a perfect platform for start-ups working with cutting-edge technologies to interact with mentors, angel investors, and large MNC product companies for open innovation and as potential consumers of their products.

JULY 18, 19



As we begin our search for this year's top technology start-ups, we invite you to submit your nomination to Tech Santhe.


Start-ups with a demonstrable hardware product or software solution around:
Artificial Intelligence
Cognitive Computing
Design Thinking-Focused Tech
3D Printing
Machine Learning
Big Data


  • Platform to showcase your innovation for no cost
  • Pitch your innovation to Corporate Dev Teams, Corporate Accelerators & Incubators, Angel Investors and VCs from the ecosystem
  • Explore opportunities to co-create / co-innovate with leading technologists
  • Interact with top industry leaders and prospective mentors
  • Network with potential customers and partners - 500+ MNCs, 4,000+ MNC delegates including CXOs, MDs, and India center heads



1 What is the profile of the corporate attendees?

500+ global MNCs , 4000+ attendees with 60% decision makers focusing on Industry 4.0, IoT, AI , Robotics, Cloud, AR, VR

2 How do I apply for Tech Santhe?

Start-ups can apply by filling up the registration form below:

3 What are the key dates that I need to be aware of?
4 How will my start-up be selected for the event?

Selection will be based purely on merit and fitment to the event.

5 How many start-ups will be participating?

40 start-ups will be participating across both days.

6 How will I know if my start-up has been selected or not?

Zinnov will send an invitation, along with the agenda, to all the selected start-ups.

7 Will my start-up have access to Tech Santhe on both days of the event?

No, one start-up can access Tech Santhe only one day. Time slots and booth details will be provided by Zinnov to the selected start-ups.

8 What amenities will be provided by Zinnov at the venue?

Zinnov will provide the booths, electricity, and badges for participating start-up at no cost.

Start-ups can rent LED TVs from the Zinnov vendor (to be booked in advance). Payments need to be made on the spot in cash only, before the start of the event. Bills with GST components will be provided for the same.

9 What is not included in the amenities provided by Zinnov?

Internet, TV screen, Apple MAC converters

10 Do I need to pay for participation?

No, Zinnov will not charge any participation fees from the start-ups.

11 How many team members from a start-up can participate in Tech Santhe?

3 members from one start-up can participate. The start-up should provide details of each participant before the event for logistical purposes.

Note: All logistics and travel arrangements are to be made by the start-up. No participation fee. Entry by invite-only.