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Digital engineering spend is accelerating across industries and will represent 47% of the total ER&D spending by 2023. This investment is going to create an increasing pressure in demand for software talent, while supply continuous to be limited.

This compounded with facts such as increasing demand for remote work, geopolitical volatility, infusion of funds by some western countries has led to a new paradigm of talent dynamics.

It's a 'new world order' and companies who brace of change proactively have higher chance of success.

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Amit Kulkarni


Dire predictions about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on jobs abound. But the truth is, AI supports workers, freeing them to focus on strategic tasks that humans do best. AI in the workplace increases collaboration and reduces mistakes and waste, with commercial uses of AI increasingly helping with all sorts of tasks, including monitoring industrial equipment, identifying banking fraud, intelligently managing supply chains, identifying customer dissatisfaction, and providing workers just-in-time information and training.

This advent of self-learning 'digital workers' will reduce the number of rote job functions and, at the same time, provide more individualized experiences and information. This keynote talk will touch upon examples of how AI will support workers, the best models for successful 'AI-ification' in the workplace, and how far-reaching the impact of AI will be.

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Sanjay Dhawan


As businesses make the transition to the next normal, organizations need to set new standards and upend old paradigms to build long-term strategic advantage while keeping sustainability at its core. On a realistic level, how achievable is the net zero target keeping in mind economies? We need a net zero workforce equipped with the right skills and enthusiasm, to help build a cleaner, greener system and operate newer, sustainable business models. Enterprises need to adopt newer value chains, ecosystem partners, processes, and workforce transformation in their quest to meet the sustainability goals.

This riveting session with global sustainability leaders will have them share their perspectives and points of views on how enterprises can strategically advance sustainability and circular economy. How can organizations empower workforce, financial systems, supply chains, and industries to rethink business models with the lens of environmental impact? How can cross-industry co-operation between companies help accelerate the sustainability agenda? How can organizations define tangible goals, action plans, and measurable KPIs that evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy for a net zero economy?

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Carrie George
Vice President, Head of ESG

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Session Chair
M.R. Rangaswami

Sand Hill Group & Indiaspora

Remote and hybrid workplace models have forced enterprises to reconsider their business strategies, while accelerating digital technology adoption. A clear digital transformation strategy, strong leadership commitment, processes, and skilled talent are critical to succeed as a 'New Normal Enterprise,' to not only withstand any future crisis, but to fast-track on the hyperscale path.

In this keynote talk, an experienced leader will share their perspectives on how to rethink the transformation playbook to rapidly shift into an agile, digital, customer-centric enterprise that adapts quickly to disruptions - whether internal or external.

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Ram Ramalingam
Senior Managing Director

10.30 AM - 10.45 AM
Tea & Networking

In an ever-evolving workforce, prioritizing technology as the primary driver of hyperconnectedness, at the expense of the human experience, exposes perceived dichotomies which produce unintended challenges.

Present in every firm, there is a need for perceived dichotomies to be revealed, recalibrated, and redeployed. When ignored, these challenges hinder transformation efforts. When managed, the firm’s glue is discovered. Discovering your glue allows transformation priorities to become 'sticky'. Applying your glue prompts employee ownership and sustains competitiveness in the global marketplace. Knowing how to apply your glue will transform how companies work, what employees experience, and what clients feel.

Developed and deployed in over 50 countries, this keynote will provide a proven framework to accelerate results by humanizing technology and improving cultural engagement. Upon completion of this keynote, listeners will ask themselves the question, 'What is the glue for my team?'

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John Henry Scott III
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chart to Heart Inc.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technologies such as Intelligent Automation, as a direct consequence of rapid digitalization. The New Normal experience has undoubtedly changed the business landscape for the long term, both at the workplace and the workforce level. With the evolution of the workforce, there is a critical need for Intelligent Automation that is responsive, humanized, and customer-centric, while also being employee-centric. Intelligent Automation has the potential to ensure seamless employee experience across the hyperconnected workplace, while still accelerating digitalization.

This panel of eminent global Automation leaders will share their perspectives on how enterprises can set forth the vision for a robust Automation program, how to redefine work and workforce to create valuable human-IA collaborations, and the opportunities and challenges for enhancing employee experience and humanizing collaborations through Automation.

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Pascal Bornet
Chief Data Officer

Aera Technology
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Param Kahlon
Chief Product Officer

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Kumar Gundavarapu
Head - Digital Platform Engineering (Americas)

Tech Mahindra
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Ruchi Goyal
Platform Engineering Lead

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Session Chair
Peter Kirkwood

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