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14:00 - 14:10

Welcome Note

14:15 - 14:35

Zinnov Keynote : Navigating Digital Transformation

In this digital era, leaders of Engineering and R&D organizations need innovative business models and diverse ways of bringing people, data, and processes together to create value. Digital transformation can help expand the reach of these organizations, improve management decisions, and speed up the development of new products and services. Also, excessive rapid adoption of technologies can disrupt the traditional business models. Hence, organizations need to carefully navigate the road to digital transformation with a concrete strategy to harness its strengths and mitigate its challenges.
In this edition of Confluence, we will be taking a harder look at the operational & cultural challenges, and technology & skills developments involved in the transformation of the Engineering and R&D organizations.

Speaker Image
Pari Natarajan
CEO & Co-founder


14:40 - 15:00

Keynote Talk : Digital Transformation: The Challenges Of Scaling

The session will focus on the different market trends & drivers for digital transformation, main types of pitfalls in a company’s transformation journey and what are the main recommendations to make digital a success at scale.

Speaker Image
Pascal Brier
Executive Vice-President for Strategy & Innovation


15:05 - 15:25

Keynote Talk: Empowering the Digital Revolution Through ICT

Digital transformation has emerged as a key driver of sweeping change in the world around us. The telecom industry is at the forefront of this transformation, both as an industry witnessing large-scale change in its market environment and as a key driver of worldwide digitalization.

Today, companies are evolving from Wifi and wired Ethernet-based networks to utilize private or dedicated 4G LTE connectivity so they can be deployed in a new configuration required for a new process, or to optimize operation of an existing process, or to adapt to an impairment. With the arrival of 5G, the transformation will be even more extensive, with the lowest latency, highest bandwidth, exceptional reliability and security, and the capacity to scale and adapt at pace with the proliferation of all connected things, systems and processes.

The session will showcase how telecom industry is leading the digital revolution and enabling business to meet new expectations and create new value.

Speaker Image
Thierry Boisnon
VP Strategy Global Services and President

Nokia France

15:30 - 15:50

Keynote Talk: Vision for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a term coined for the mixing of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the technological world. With the rise of new digital industrial technologies like advanced analytics, AI/ML, IoT, cloud computing, the transformation makes it possible to gather and analyze data across machines, enabling faster, more flexible, and more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs. This manufacturing revolution will increase productivity, shift economics, foster industrial growth, and modify the profile of the workforce—ultimately changing the competitiveness of companies and regions.

Speaker Image
Pierre Perdoux
SVP Industrial


15:50 - 16:20

Tea Break & Networking

16:20 - 16:40

Keynote Talk: Digital Technology At The Heart Of Naval Defense Systems

The naval industry is undergoing disruption from digital revolution to AI integration. Many applications induced by recent technological breakthrough are coming for the Navy. Today, the industry’s vision is to serve the product quality and the operational capacities of all navies with these new technologies. Naval group , an European leader for naval defence is focused on accelerating these innovations for the navies.

The session will share insights on technology disruptions in the naval industry , challenges from digital disruption and the impact of the 4th industrial revolution.

Speaker Image
Jean Gauthier
Head of R&D and Innovation

Naval Group

16:45 - 17:25

Panel: The Need For Speed - Optimizing Organizations For Digital Agility

With the growing importance on digital transformation across many different organizations and industries, the idea of Organizational Agility is being seen as the secret sauce for winning in digital. But what is Digital Agility? It is the ability to quickly and easily adopt digital technologies to maximize the customer experience. Agility involves a range of attributes like collaborative planning, excellence in implementation, and continual measurement and refinement. Digital Agility is a key driver for an organization’s performance. However, many leaders and companies lack a full picture on the implications of building an agile organization for strategy, structure, culture, leadership and even recruiting and the work environment. So what needs to be done to optimize your organization for Digital Agility? What steps should business leaders take to adopt agile tools and methods to drive Digital Agility? This talk touches upon these points.

Speaker Image
James Kretchmar
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Akamai Technologies Inc.
Speaker Image
Christine-Anne Chevry
Sr Manager, Digital Industry Business Solutions

Airbus Helicopters
Speaker Image
Ethan Imboden
VP Creative & Head Of Venture Design

Speaker Image

Session Chair

Vamsee Tirukkala
Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer - Platforms


17:30 - 18:10

Panel: Creating The Culture Code For The Digital Age

Mass digitalization of business is disrupting organizations across industries. Companies now face new challenges and urgency to be more agile, innovative and grow exponentially faster. To stand out in the crowd, organizations need to create new opportunities by tapping into the best thinking and the best technology available. Driving a cultural transformation is one of the top priorities in the agenda of leaders as employees form the core of understanding operations, product development and customer demand.

To remain competitive and drive awareness of the opportunity that digital transformations brings within the organizations, Industry leaders need to define digital vision and create a truly customer-driven organization. The session will discuss the ambitions and strategies of industry leaders to change the innovation culture in their organization.

Speaker Image
Corinne Jouanny
Group Innovation Officer

Speaker Image
Frédéric Charon
Group Technology Strategy Manager

Speaker Image
Mehdi Benchoufi

Speaker Image

Session Chair

Vimal Menon
Associate Director


18:10 - 18:15

Closing Remarks

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18:15 - 20:15

Networking Over Cocktails And Dinner