Zinnov’s Confluence series, over the last 14 years, has become one of the biggest platforms for global technology and business leaders who are passionate about defining tomorrow, today, in an ever-evolving ecosystem. A technology thought leadership summit, Confluence has become synonymous with driving change in the Global R&D and Product Development space.

The 2021 virtual edition of Zinnov Confluence – India Chapter will look at the winning strategies and approaches adopted by the Indian technology ecosystem to successfully navigate the second wave of disruption, across the dimensions of Talent, Technology, Globalization, and Innovation. Discover how organizations are rethinking, redefining, and realigning their strategies to fuel the momentum for growth in the new normal.


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  • Decode the technology, workplace, innovation, and talent dilemma to win the growth wars.
  • Understand how disruptive technologies are at the forefront of driving revenue acceleration as well as future-proofing businesses.
  • Gain an understanding about how to reimagine organizational strategies to successfully transition into a hybrid workplace.
  • Learn how to maximize the Return on Innovation and redefine what it means to build a culture of innovation.
  • Get first-hand knowledge about the new normal talent strategies to hire, engage, and empower a hybrid workforce to drive business growth.
  • Hear inspiring success stories of establishing and expanding an organization’s footprint for business resilience as well as continuity.




Enterprise ER&D Strategy & Focus – Digital Engineering To Build An Antifragile Future

This latest Zinnov study answers questions around Digital Engineering priorities of enterprises and what its implications are for Service Providers.

Cost Optimization Through A Talent Lens

An account on the various cost optimization measures that organizations can adopt, with respect to talent, in the COVID-19 era.

What’s Shaping India’s Digital Economy

There is a massive confluence of content and commerce underway in the Indian technology ecosystem. This confluence is is shaping India's digital economy.

Industrial Cybersecurity In The Age Of Digital Resilience

As organizations have embraced Industry 4.0, IT-OT convergence, and Industrial IOT, they need to prioritize industrial cybersecurity to ensure digital resilience.

On Cloud Nine: The Cloud Adoption Roadmap For ISVs

Enterprises need to accelerate their cloud adoption strategy, because the pandemic has provided a shot in the arm for a robust cloud migration move.

COVID-19 And The Antifragility Of Indian Start-up Ecosystem

COVID-19 has affected the Indian start-up ecosystem differently across verticals. But the antifragility shown by the start-ups is noteworthy.

Antifragility: Beyond Resilience - Pari Natarajan | Zinnov Confluence 2020 Virtual Summit

Talent Imperatives for Global Enterprises in a Post-COVID-19 World - Vijay Swami | Zinnov Confluence 2020

GBS 2.0 – Transforming The Enterprise With Agility, Speed, And Innovation

Global Business Services (GBS) organizations are on an evolutionary path to transforming enterprises with agility, speed, and innovation, and GBS will be Shared Services 2.0.

Decoding The New Labour Codes

The new Labour Codes have clarified certain aspects of existing laws and extended the reach of others. Here's a nuanced view on the what and the how of the newly enacted codes.

Digital Engineering In BFSI – The India Opportunity

BFSI companies are being challenged by newer players, thus creating an urgency for these organizations to increase their investments on Digital Engineering in BFSI.

India GCCs: In The Fast Lane With Hyper Intelligent Automation

India Global Capability Centres (GCCs) are playing a crucial role in accelerating the adoption of Hyper Intelligent Automation. What are the key factors driving this adoption?

Hyper Intelligent Automation – Accelerating Business Resiliency During COVID-19

Hyper Intelligent Automation, the next avatar of RPA, is accelerating business resiliency during COVID-19. Here's an overview of the HIA landscape and related trends.

The Big “I” – Redefining Inclusion In The “New Normal”

Inclusion and Diversity have had to undergo a sea change to accommodate the evolving workplace and the distributed workforce.

Beyond Resilience - The Healthcare Anthem in a Post-COVID World - Sidhant Rastogi | Zinnov Confluence 2020

Beyond Resilience - Innovation, the Path to Antifragility - Atit Danak | Zinnov Confluence 2020

Innovation Without Value Thinking, A GCoE Zero-sum Game

GCoEs today look at innovation through a narrow lens. Here's what a robust GCoE innovation strategy should focus on to make tangible business impact.

Demystifying Low Code/No Code Platforms Within Hyper Intelligent Automation

Low Code/No Code platforms are on the rise in the last twelve month or so, in terms of funding and investments. Read how OutSystems latest funding signals a paradigm shift in the HIA space.

Top 10 Trends That Will Create A Value Moat For GCoEs In 2021

Indian Global Centers of Excellence showed exceptional grit and fortitude in 2020. What will help create a value moat for these GCoEs in 2021? Know more here.

COVID Response Management – The Importance Of Clear, Concise, And Structured Communication

Being clear, concise, and structured forms the crux of crisis communication. These need to be front and center when outlining COVID response management.

How Unicorns Are Unlocking Strategic Value From Partnerships And Alliances

Know how a successful partnership strategy can help Unicorns in gaining competitive advantages while strengthening revenue and profit margins.

The Bleeding Edge Of AI – How Edge AI Will Redefine Computing

The combination of Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence is called Edge AI. This new technology and its use cases, especially with 5G rollout, will open up a plethora of enterprise opportunities.

Asia - The Global Gateway to Innovation, Technology, Market - Amita Goyal | Zinnov Confluence 2020

Beyond Resilience - Phygital the Next Normal for BFSI in a Post-COVID World - Mohammed Faraz Khan | Zinnov Confluence 2020

The Quintessential Playbook To Unlocking GCoE Value In The Post-pandemic World

As time has evolved, so have Global Centers of Excellence and what they mean to HQ. In a post-pandemic world, how can GCoEs create tangible value?

The Unstoppable Hyper Intelligent Automation Juggernaut

Hyper Intelligent Automation (HIA) has been on an unstoppable march in the past year, with 2021 being instrumental in taking HIA to the next level.

Zinnov’s Automation Predictions 2021

What does the future of Automation look like? Here's a look at Zinnov's Automation trends predictions for 2021 and what it means for enterprises digital transformation agendas.


Zinnov’s COE hotspots of the world report provides in-depth location analysis of 13 countries where organizations can build COEs and build scalable software engineering teams at affordable costs.

Edge of Tomorrow - Technologies Now, Next, and Beyond - Nischay Mittal | Zinnov Confluence 2020

Winning the Growth Wars - Pari Natarajan | Keynote Talk

Top 10 Trends That Will Shape The Indian Start-up Ecosystem In 2021

These are the top 10 trends that will take the Indian Start-up Ecosystem to the next orbit in 2021 and make it a veritable Unicorn capital of the world.

The Modern Intelligent Workplace Playbook – Going Beyond Resilience, Towards Antifragility

Here's a look at Zinnov's playbook on creating modern intelligent workplaces that will define tomorrow by going beyond resilience, towards antifragility.

Remote Work Post-Pandemic - An Analysis

With organizations being forced to adopt remote work, what are the feasibility, benefits, and disadvantages, of remote work post pandemic.

Conversational AI – The Intelligent Weapon In The Fight
against COVID-19

Conversational AI is on the path to replace humans, and COVID-19 has accelerated its adoption and implementation, even helping develop newer use cases.

Global Business Services 2.0: AGILITY. SPEED. INNOVATION - Pari Natarajan

Indian Unicorn Club

Successful Change Management through Effective Change Communication - Amita Goyal | Zinnov

How corporates can collaborate effectively with start ups? - Atit Danak | Zinnov









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